International Sav Blanc Day 2018

You haven’t tried a New Zealand #SavBlanc yet? Well, that’s a travesty. Now’s the time to find out what everyone is raving about! As we unscrew caps and get our fanciest stemware ready to clink glasses on May 4th for International Sauvignon Blanc Day, we thought it was a timely reminder to highlight the immense punch our small country packs.

So what makes NZ Sauvignon Blanc fab? That’s easy! Its crisp, refreshing, and elegant vibes make Sav Blanc an easy-to-drink glass that delivers. In comparison with original French sauvignons, which were hailed as ‘earthy’ and ‘mineral based’, Kiwi drops are fuller-bodied with a large emphasis on citrus and tropical fruit.

In the 1980s when New Zealand erupted on the scene with its first round of Sauvignon Blanc, the world took notice. Winemakers say that’s because of the distinctive taste people often refer to as ‘piercing’ and ‘vivacious’. Although NZ Sav Blanc grapes are higher in natural fruit acidity, there is complexity and freshness that wines from other parts of the world simply cannot contest.

Sav Blanc is undoubtedly New Zealand’s most popular wine export to the US. Sauvignon Blanc has ignited the world’s love affair with NZ wine, showing our ability to get the fruit ripe while maintaining lower alcohol and good acidity. This has lead millions to experiment with New Zealand Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Red Blends.

Whether you enjoy the Marlborough region’s dry and bold tones, or perhaps the whimsical poached pear and rich stone fruit concoctions from the Hawkes Bay and Nelson area is more your thing. How about a barrel-fermented style or one that is off-dry? This Kiwi varietal is for everyone – plus with 166 million bottles of it exported globally each year, we might just know a thing or two.