Meet the Family

And when we say family, we mean it!

Like so many other adventures, NZ Wine Navigator began with friends, family, and a few excellent bottles. Graham Painter, our Founder (that’s him in the pic), was visiting family in the States and was sent out to fetch a nice wine for dinner. Wanting to show off some fine Kiwi wines, he went from one wine shop to the next searching for something beyond the big-name NZ Sav Blancs. A deep, rich Pinot or Syrah? How about a superb Riesling? Surely, with the breadth of fine wines being produced in New Zealand, there was something special to be found. That search beget a mission…

Today, NZ Wine Navigator is America’s #1 New Zealand wine specialist, satisfying wine lovers across the United States with special, hard to find New Zealand wines from small, family estate producers. Graham ships the wine in bulk to a temperature controlled warehouse in California ready for quick and cost effective delivery to your home or office.

The best wines you’ve never heard of.

With the help of his daughter (Kristen, that’s her), Graham set out to source the finest small-producer wines NZ has to offer. Family-estate and top quality were the benchmarks, because we Kiwis know that it can feel risky buying something from a far off land. And working in partnership with the wineries was important, because small, local production is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy.

To achieve the perfect balance, we reached out to Cameron Douglas, our master sommelier. His carefully curated selection of premium labels from New Zealand are ready for you to drink now or to put into the cellar. If you are after exceptional wines from small out of the way winemakers from a small, out of the way country, you’re in the right place! Welcome to the family.

Our friends and partners…