Clearview Estate

An experience for today…

Back in 1988, Tim & Helma were told that their site was “too cold to grow wine grapes.” But stubbornness and perseverance paid off. Together, they rammed the posts, ran the wires, even trained the young vines to produce their first red wine. Today, this much loved family owned and operated estate are making sustainable & hand made wine with vibrant acidity and concentrated flavour profiles.

Clearview Estate wines are crafted by people who believe that wine, food, and hospitality go hand in hand. Nestled near the historic landscape of Cape Kidnappers, they have been creating top notch wine experiences for their visitors for almost 30 years. Whether producing wine or food, they’ve made sustainability key.

In all aspects of business, Clearview Estate Winery and Restaurant have sought to reduce their impact upon the environment, helping to preserve it for future generations.

The vineyard team work with Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand (SWNZ) to reduce the impacts of viticulture on our environment. And the restaurant takes many measures to reduce it’s environmental impact: buying locally, recycling, composting, and even sharing food scraps to the local piggies!

…and future generations of wine lovers.