Family, friends, food, wine and the enjoyment of life…

This is what Drumsara puts in the bottle…. Situated high on a glacial gravel plateau the Drumsara vineyard overlooks the Central Otago towns of Clyde & Alexandra. To produce wine of the highest quality, the Matheson family uses sweat, tears and hands when others would use machines. This is only one of the many unique elements which come together in their captivating Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines.

John and Audrey Matheson and the Drumsara team are committed to pairing the best of traditional and innovative viticulture techniques throughout the vineyard. Like the innovative method of ‘Compost Tea’ as a means of sustainable cradle to cradle vine nutrition. Compost Tea in short, is a home brewed compost tea which increases vine growth, supplies the vines with needed nutrients, provides beneficial organisms and wards off diseases. The results of their choices are demonstrated in excellent vine health & overall fruit quality.

Rocks from Mars?

We cannot forget to mention the Drumsara Ventifacts Block. These rock formations are found only in Antarctica, on Mars and in the Drumsara vineyards. They are glacial rocks shaped by the 300mph late afternoon winds that rushed down the Otago glaciers picking up sand and sediments to shape the rocks and form the soil for their vines to grown in. A movie location seekers dream!