Quality & sustainability are key

MillsReef started out in 1989, when the Preston family, headed by father Paddy, converted a cowshed into a working winery. Nearly 30 years later, it’s become a Kiwi success story. MillsReef has won over 900 medals and 31 trophies, and have earned a serious reputation for Bordeaux-styled reds and Syrah.

The dream team today is led by Tim Preston and Paul Dawick who both share the same hands on approach to winemaking. Sustainability is also key – MillsReef have a green approach to energy use and chose to buy power from a company that generates only from sustainable resources, with no greenhouse gas emissions.

Careful attention to detail and commitment to hand-crafted wines has seen MillsReef rise to enjoy an enviable international reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading producers, its wines enjoyed globally, from Great Britain to the USA, China and beyond!

Whether or not Charles Mills ever found his “Reef” we can’t say for sure, but we do know the Preston family has certainly found theirs, in the pleasure and passion of making fine MillsReef wines.