No 1 Family Estate

Hearts in Marlborough since 1980,
roots in Champagne since 1684

When a wine producer specializes in one perfect style, you are guaranteed a glass that overflows with passion, and tastes like liquid gold. For almost 40 years, champagne maker Daniel Le Brun has had one goal: to make Méthode Traditionelle wines that rival the best in the world and to do it in Marlborough, New Zealand.

The Le Brun Family have been making champagne for twelve generations. After studying
winemaking and working at the family winery in Champagne, Daniel visited New Zealand,
saw the huge potential and emigrated. Since 1980 Daniel has pioneered growing techniques
and production methods unknown in New Zealand at that time. He could see that the
climate and soils of Marlborough would create a Méthode Traditionelle with crisp acidity
that would rival his native Champagne. Their vineyard lies in the ancient riverbed of the
Wairau River. It is mainly flat terrain with soil that is a mixture of river stones, sandy loams
and gravels which are ideal for growing the traditional champagne clones of chardonnay,
pinot noir and pinot meunier.

Exactly as the name suggests, No.1 Family Estate is a family business. While Daniel makes
the wine, his wife Adele provides the business and marketing flair. The next generation of Le
Bruns, son Remy and daughter Virginie, are the faces of the future and are actively involved.
The Le Brun family excel at their passion for producing some of the highest quality Méthode
Traditionelle in New Zealand.

“Making champagne is in my blood.”

“Since our first vines were planted, we have created wines that rival the best in the world using methods perfected over 12 generations by our family in Champagne. We are the only winery in New Zealand committed exclusively to producing premium Méthode Traditionelle wine and every bottle we create honours our pursuit of excellence and joie de vivre.”Daniel Le Brun