Squawking Magpie

Great wine comes from great grapes!

Squawking Magpie is a boutique label hailing from the celebrated soils of the Gimblett Gravels. Here they believe that to create great wine, a hands on approach and a whole lot of TLC in the vineyard is vital….. and it shows! The wines possess elegance and finesse, you can taste place – it’s not just wine in a glass. It’s all the elements of the winemaking process before the grapes even became wine. The sunshine hours, the climate, soils, sustainable growing and terrain of the single vineyard.

Magpies are synonymous with the Hawke’s Bay region, hence the catchy name we love! Squawking Magpie is directed by Gavin Yortt, who always delivers on his promise to create quality wines worthy of fine food and great company. Life is too short so enjoy a bottle today!