Vidal wines are the essence of everyday living.

Anthony Joseph Vidal was a hot blooded young spaniard when he arrived in New Zealand at only 22 years old. He saw what Hawke’s Bay had to offer, in fact he was one of the first vintners to see the world class potential! He bought a small piece of land, converted the stables into a cellar and planted the first vines. This, coupled with his passion and spirit for adventure was the start of his inspiring legacy.

Today, with history spanning over 100 years, Vidal is known for its classical wines showing elegance and balance. By using old world and new world ingenuity, Vidal wines reflect their culture, their people and the exceptional quality that Hawkes Bay grapes have to offer. These grapes have landed with their bums in the butter so to speak- think hot summer days, free draining soils and a long growing season which gives the grapes plenty of time to ripen -bursting with flavour.

Hugh Crichton is the winemaker at Vidal and, since taking the reins in 2006, he and the team have continued to raise the bar. Aligning their vision for Vidal to Anthony Vidal’s philosophy, they craft wines that exude a sense of place. Vidal wines represent the best of the region and terroir, and they’re delicious and exciting to drink!

Look out for the Vidal Legacy Chardonnay. (Hugh is fanatical about chardonnay. It’s his baby and, my, does it make him proud!) Many say that the Legacy takes like Coche Drury (a famous producer in Burgundy) which sells for around $800 US per bottle! But you can get your hands on a bottle of the Legacy for a tenth of the price.